Coles and Woolworths have recently made some changes to their shelves, which means that you may not be able to find your favourite nut snacks.


See the list below for where you need to go now:

Product Coles Woolworths
Lucky Walnuts, Cashews & Almonds 6 pack
Lucky Oven Roasted Almonds & Yog Sultanas 6 pack
Lucky Oven Roasted Almonds & Cranberries 6 pack
Lucky Natural Almonds 6 pack X X
Lucky Oven Roasted Almonds 6 pack X X
Lucky Smart Snax Womens X
Lucky Smart Snax Digestive X
Lucky Smart Snax Power X X
Lucky Smart Snax Low Carb X X
Lucky Trail Mix with Cranberries & Macadamias X X
Lucky Trail Mix with Almond & Dark Chocolate X X

The below independent supermarkets stock a variety of our Lucky Snacking range:

  • IGA Supermarkets
  • Supa IGA Supermarkets
  • Foodworks
  • Ritchies
  • Drakes Supermarkets
  • Leo’s Fine Food & Wine

To enquire about any of these changes or find out where you can find a specific product, give our Customer Service Team a call on 1800 832 711.