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Want to know what our customers have had to say about us? The following testimonials are from real customers who enjoy Lucky Nuts just as much as we do!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know what an amazing job you are doing with the Lucky nuts products! I started buying your nuts for myself and my family a couple of months ago and we absolutely love them! Yet to come across a bad product! My personal favourite would have to be the shaved almonds which I use to top anything and everything ... Mmmmmmm. Anyway just thought it would be nice of me to express my happiness with you! Keep up the good work!

Jill Everitt - VIC

I just wanted to thank you for producing a really great trail mix snack that really improved my snacking experience, overall it's a great product and it's given me a much higher quality of snacktime.

Thanks again!

Will - Perth, WA

I recently competed in the Gold Coast Festival of Cycling event and at one of recovery stops we were treated to "Lucky Smart Snax Fibre Mix". They were absolutely delicious, an excellent combination and gave me the energy to finish off the event.

I've bought the "snack packs" before and they're good but must admit the Smart Snax are even better.

I'll be keeping an eye out for them next time I do the groceries and can't wait to try some other combinations.

Thanks. :-)

Adrian - Brissy, QLD

I love, love, love the cashew and yoghurt current snack packs! They are great for a mid afternoon pick-me-up, but even more, they are perfect to toss to my teenage daughter as she runs out the door for school, late as usual. It's a healthy breakfast on the go.

Lyn - Canberra, ACT

Good day,

I am writing to thank you for your product Traditional Fruit and Nut Cake Mix.

I was given a recipe for American Fruitcake a couple of years ago but if you didn't make two of them then you wasted half of every packet of fruit and nuts; for example it asked for 125gm but you could only buy a 250gm packet and there were several ingretients that were similar.

Now with this I am able to make one cake at a time without any waste and I am very happy about that.


" Thank you soooo much. This is an absolutely delicious mix of FRESH nuts (Lucky Smart Snax Omega 3 mix).

I'm telling everyone who will listen.

I must admit I'm buying your almonds with the yoghurt covered sultanas to add to the mix... Even more superb...

Just had to get that off my chest!!! "

Thank you again...

Lisa - Chidlow, WA

"I just had to write to you to comment on your product "Lucky Smart Snax". It is absolutely delicious;
I can't get enough of it. I have bought so many packets since discovering it about 6 weeks ago. I have told all my friends about it too and they think it is also great.

The fact that it is "so good" for us too is a bonus, I don't feel guilty eating it. I used to always eat things that were either fattening or just not good for me when hungry between means, but now with Smart Snax I eat as much as I want and don't feel bloated or guilty.

So "thank you" very much for having this product in our supermarkets, I think you should advertise it more though, not many people know about it.

But I am doing my best and spreading the word!!! "

A very happy customer,

Sandy - Edwardstown, SA

"Hi, I don't usually write to customer feedback but I just wanted to say how much I loved your Omega-3 Mega Nut Mix. It's so hard to find a tasty nut mix to have as a high protein snack that doesn't have dried fruit in it. Added bonus is no cashews which I dislike mixed with other nuts! Thanks Lucky, great product! "


Kasey - South Melbourne, VIC

"Hi guys, I love your snack 30g nut boxes available in supermarkets at the moment, I work as dietitian in private practice, and am continually promoting your brand, especially as the 30g box is portion control, making a great afternoon protein snack."

Kindest Regards

Nicole - Maitland, NSW

"Hi Team, I am a catering manager who has just discovered your website and I must say that I thought it was great! Well presented, easy to move around and can print off a recipe in the drop of a hat!

I have found some really good recipes to top up my Christmas specials and am ready for baking tomorrow, so glad I found your site and thanks to AGT for the lead in."



"Hi there,

This is a just a friendly email in response to your 'Lucky Smart Snax' (Omega 3 mix). I absolutely love them!!!! Fresh and crunchy – yum!! In recent days I have shared them around my office and have got many friends hooked! I've never emailed customer service before but I've never enjoyed a product like this either! Keep up the good work – love the nut mix."

Kind Regards

Elie - Toorak, VIC

"I enjoy having quinoa salad with tuna and Lucky nuts Almonds throughout the meal for a healthy lunch when I am out."

Amy - Richmond, NSW

"Good morning,

as every day my husband and I did grocery shopping yesterday night. Everytime we go through all shelves so we do not miss anything what we need or might need for the coming week. I attempt to avoid the selection of nuts as much as I can because I am a nuts & seeds lover. Although nuts and seeds are very healthy parts of human dietary needs, not too much of them. In spite of it, I cannot always help myself and let sit a pack of nuts peacefully in a shelve. What I discovered last night was the Smart Snax that, I admit, packaging very much attracted me. After learning about an oven roasted process of the nut mixture, I persuaded myself to get just the only one pack, even though it was slightly more expensive than competition. I was so curious about the taste that I had to open it straight away after returning home. Honestly, I have never had so great tasty nuts. They are not just only tasty but nice smelling that you can actually taste the smell.

The purpose for me to get this pack was taking each day a few of nuts as a snack to work...as also the packaging prompts. Truly, what I am very concerned about is that it is not going to last even through this weekend :-(

I believe as long as customers discover this new product of yours, they will love it as much as I already do. I wish you all the best luck and success on market with your new product Smart Snax!!!"

Truly yours,

Ivana Hand

"Hi there,

My name is Janelle, and I am currently studying for exams in my final year of Nutritional Therapy, I found your new product "Smart Snax fibre mix", to be the perfect snack whilst studying for exams! The flavour of the nut combination with cranberries is amazing, best I’ve ever had! I would like to thank you on developing a product that is just so tasty and provides many health benefits, without any nasty preservatives, as I find it difficult to find healthy snacks that contain mostly natural ingredients. Thank you again! I am a very happy customer!"

Kind regards,


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